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Saskia Salemink

I am very thankfull with any form of sponsoring, if you wanna be  a part of my devolopments ..... you can help me by making a donation to my paypal: 


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zaterdag 14 maart: Open dag Kneet's Gym Den Haag!

Van 11:00 tot 17:00u zullen alle leden van team InShape aanwezig zijn voor trainingen, optredens, vragen, foto's en ga maar door. Grijp je kans en ontmoet je favourite atleet in de beste sportschool van Nederland. Op deze dag bieden we ook een supplementen pakket aan bestaande uit: Whey Proteine, BCAA, multi vitamine, Crea Blast voor maar 79,- (normaal 100,-)


Every Saturday from 11am till 1pm: I am available at Kneet's Gym for information about supplements and nutrtition!My New Sponsor: WWW.INSHAPESUPPLEMENTS.NL

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30/04/08   new pics prep nyc show, 1,5 week out, member section

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26/03/08   new blog member section, new photos Brian Moss and 6 weeks out

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12/03/08 Yeah! The new site is working now, there are  a few little things to fix, specially for me, im trying and learning how to do it, because its only me who is talking and uploading here anymore, but I am getting there. Working on the pictures now and in 24hr there will be more new pics to see;)  

If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to email me.....

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